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Robo - Financial Planner

Optimo - Financial Planner

Optimo - Financial Planner
Investica ties up with Optimo - An automated financial planner and advisory platform.
Enter the required details and see Optimo use its cutting-edge behavioral algorithm plan your financials in seconds!
Step into the future of financial prudence!

“Think Smart and Easy Investment – Think Optimo”

Smart Online Financial Planning With Optimo

Optimo segregates the progress of human life into top actionable areas, these are:

Insurance Planning

The first and the most important – Insurance. Importance of Life and Health Insurance protection can never be overstated

Financial Planner for Insurance Planning
Financial Planner for Emergency Fund Planning

Expense Management & Emergency Fund Planning

Be ready for any financial uncertainty that life might throw

Assets Analysis

Share your investment assets and Optimo sees if it matches with your Risk profile

Robo Advisor for Asset Analysis
Personal Financial Advisor for Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

Imagine being on vacation for the rest of life. Optimo plans accordingly so lifestyle remains the same!

Goal Planning

Plan Goals, Plan Life. Optimo makes achieving your goals a breeze by mapping existing investments and suggesting new ones!

Financial Advisor for Goal Planning

Make Optimo your personal financial advisor for financial freedom.

Financial Goal Planner to Achieve Financial Goals

Financial Planning Report By Optimo

Get your Free Financial Plan with Optimo right away. Optimo’s reports are detailed with excellent suggestions to get your financials in order instantly!